About Master Academy

We are Immigration and visa consultants, who would make your dreams, come true. These days youngsters are willing to have global exposure for their studies. They don’t want their knowledge to be confined to a small village, city, town or a nation. They want to transcend the boundaries and acquire knowledge. If you are also one of those, promising youngsters and intend to have a great career ahead, then we are there for you. We would assist you in ‘complete study abroad’ related process.

Directors of Master Academy of IELTS and Immigration, Karan Kochhar and Nitin Dua are veteran in this field ; they have vision to transform millions of dreams into reality. Master Academy is committed to bridge the gap between universities and students. Every query of the student is answered and problems related to immigration to an unknown destination are discussed in detail, so that the students can have a nice and clear view of their future. We send our students to well established universities and well known colleges abroad. These reputed colleges and universities offer globally accepted programs, which enable students to be global citizens.

The countries we deal in are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, London, Europe, and Singapore. The process of immigration is explained or described very well through our specialized counseling sessions. Our Directors and Counselors visit abroad to have a clear insight into the programs offered by the universities and then provide exact picture of the scenario. There are various options for students to choose. They might be interested in any stream like Humanities, Science or any other Vocational /Professional course, there are ample of career options waiting for them. They can opt for Business courses, Hotel management courses and even medicine related courses etc.

Getting educated in these countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, London, Europe, and Singapore, Its a splendid opportunity to get global exposure, where by working and studying together you can amuse yourself with a better life style. These are most popular destination for those people who want to study abroad. These English speaking townies significantly have:

(1) Friendly natives
(2) Good climatic conditions
(3) Good transportation facilities
(4) Broader opportunities for research and development
(5) Educated faculty members etc.

The list of opportunities available here, is endless. Most of the world’s reputed colleges and universities are under the panel of Master Academy, that’s why students prefer to be here.