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The education system of the UK is a result of hundreds of years of evolution, passing through series of rigorous quality checks and improvements. The government has made education compulsory for its citizens aged between five and sixteen, making UK one of the most educated nations in the world. Primary and secondary education is provided both by state funded and private schools. However, it is the higher education sector that draws attention of the world. Hundreds of thousands of international students join British universities for higher education. Thousands of students also go to colleges and universities in the UK for a semester or a term under Student exchange or study abroad programs. With over 150 universities, the UK virtually offers any type of course of study available in the world.

Life in UK

With a fascinating history and a fervent cultural milieu, UK offers one of the most interesting environments for international students. It is a country bursting with cultural energy and wonderful heritage of centuries. Its colonial relation in almost every corner of the world has made UK’s culture very pluralistic in nature, giving international students opportunities to explore the whole world culturally while studying in a relatively tiny island! Birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, J K Rowling, Charles Babbage and the Beatles, the UK has something for everyone to explore, culturally and intellectually.The British people tend to be sporty and adventurous and the multicultural environment in the cities makes immigrants and international students feel at home.

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